Founded in 2008, White Horse Capital (WHC) delivers end-to-end advisory, guidance and support for scale-up and growth stage firms looking to raise capital or execute M&A transactions.

Unlike many other organisations offering similar services the WHC team do not have career backgrounds exclusively in finance; rather, we have together amassed many years practical industry experience creating and managing national and international businesses – we understand your challenges.

We admit it, we have made mistakes and we really do understand that confidence in how to do things properly is best gained through experiencing the results of doing them badly.

We understand the core frustrations companies face when independently embarking on a capital raise or M&A endeavour; many CEOs, unaware of the numerous pitfalls often attempt the process themselves before asking us to act for them. Understanding these challenges and with many years experience we will guide, assist and act for you through to completion.

Our remuneration is often substantially reliant on a positive client outcome; for this reason we are selective as to who we will represent. However, if we do act for you, although it sounds like a cliché, your success is genuinely our success.

Lastly and as proof or our expertise and past success, we have a strong client list. Should you wish to speak to past clients prior to a final decision please let us know and we would be happy to arrange.