Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or selling a business presents an opportunity to significantly improve shareholder return if the process is well planned, thought through and executed correctly. However, an unstructured less diligent approach presents a number of risks that could result in a costly, time consuming failure. Having the support of an experienced team, with detailed understanding of trade sales, disposals, acquistions and exit planning helps to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for shareholders.

Our team have been involved in successful M&A activity over the last 2 decades, managing hundreds of millions of pounds of value transfer for FTSE100 companies, corporates, financial buyers, VCs and angel investors. The experience gained firsthand helps provide business owners with a competitive advantage, and therefore maximising the prospect of successful and value-enhancing outcomes.

We are typically retained to help evaluate the opportunity, pre-empt due diligence issues, market opportunities and support management through to completion. We work on a largely contingent basis, aligning our upside with that of the executive team.